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Business Ventures

Business Ventures


Turkiye Resource Centre (TRC) specializes in facilitating commercialization, strategic planning, partnership management, and innovative market research for ventures operating between Turkiye and the United States.

Our services include:

Tailored Trade Delegation Activities: Offering customized and sector-specific trade delegation initiatives to foster business relations between Turkiye and the USA.

Strategic Market Entry: Developing customized market entry strategies that transcend immediate opportunities, guiding companies towards enduring success in their target markets.

Professional Industry Collaborations: Establishing professional partnerships with industrial organizations, economic development agencies, trade agencies in both Turkiye and the USA, as well as with various civil institutions and institutes.

Support for Market Expansion: Assisting companies in their initial stages of market entry or product launch in either Turkiye or the USA.

Office Establishment and Relocation Services: Providing comprehensive support for Turkish companies in the USA or American companies in Turkiye, including office setup and relocations.

Business Establishment and Growth Services: Offering expertise in business establishment, marketing, incentives, education, legal and accounting practices, tax services, and facilitating mutual business activities or establishment processes between Turkiye and the USA.

Venture Partnership Development: Planning and executing reliable, mutually beneficial venture partnerships, including licensing, technology transfers, mergers, and acquisitions.

Innovative Entrepreneurship Collaboration: Supporting social entrepreneurship, start-ups, scale-ups, and sell-ups in both countries.

Official Representation: Acting as the official representative of TRC in Turkiye and the USA for all related activities.

At TRC, we are dedicated to bridging the gap between forward-thinking organizations in Turkiye and the USA, aligning our services with the evolving global business landscape and ensuring the success and sustainability of international ventures.