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Social Responsibility Initiatives

Social Responsibility Initiatives


Turkish Resource Centre (TRC) is committed to driving impactful social responsibility projects that integrate societal benefits with global standards and norms, bridging Turkiye and the United States.

Our initiatives include:

Bilateral Social Responsibility Practices: Fostering partnerships and collaborations for the implementation of joint social responsibility endeavors between Turkiye and the USA.

Community Engagement: Creating avenues for both volunteer and professional collaborations between TRC and various civil society organizations.

Fundraising and Support: Mobilizing resources for civil society projects operating across Turkiye and the USA.

Philanthropic Opportunities: Offering opportunities for tax-deductible donations to TRC under its 501(c)(3) Federal Nonprofit Status, facilitating contributions from the USA to Turkiye.

Representation and Advocacy: Acting as a representative for civil society organizations in both Turkiye and the USA.

Global Fund Collaborations: Engaging with TRC in opportunities related to global funds.

Cultural and Artistic Project Alignment: Assisting in the appropriate allocation of funds and resources for cultural and artistic events in both nations.

TRC plays a pivotal role in constructing bridges between the business sector, entrepreneurs, government entities, civil, and academic institutions of both countries. Our expertise in commercial and socio-cultural relations, sectoral stakeholder connections, market insights, and bilateral business links position us uniquely to contribute to a sustainable economy and societal well-being.

TRC works collaboratively with organizations aiming to launch new initiatives, penetrate the market, find long-term partners, and achieve sustainable growth. We ensure that these bridges align with global transformations and provide tailored, professional services to ensure the success of these initiatives.